Diego Feliz Art

Queer Pop Art and Culture infused Design

My whole life long I have done nothing but interpret my dreams of ultimate masculinity, and draw them
— Tom of Finland

Who is Diego Feliz Art?

D.F.A. is an artistic representation of moments in my life that move me.  At this moment, it's the hard working, blue-collar man.
Diego Feliz is a persona: He's derived from my interests in animation, pop culture, queer art and artists, music, sex and of course, love. Diego is the evolution of my childhood memories of men, to the way I see the male now.  Some of my early influences are; JC Leyendecker, Tom of Finland, Harry Bush, many comic and Disney Artists over my lifetime. 

D.F.A was never intended to be shared. It was only meant for me. So, it's with the courage and excitement that I share little parts of me on this new platform.

Styling & Quality

We endeavor to find the best quality garments to put on your sexy body. It should feel good. We also encourage careful styling and intentional wearing put on the garments. Feel free to cut the collar out carefully. After a while make a muscle tee. who knows? We like a used aesthetic for our brand. We live life, and want to look like it. Look for our styling guides on the DFA STYLE page. Here you will find patterns to follow to customize your purchase. We take the DIY kit to all Pop-Ups and Trade shows. We currently use Bella/CANVAS,  Next Level Cotton and blends. We will always endeavor to source the healthiest products for you and our planet while honoring the hands that manufacture the products. (No sweat shops yo)


We will do occasional runs of items and donate to local artists.  We encourage everyone to find a place to be of service oriented contribution.